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Testing, One Two, Testing

I’m back! I’ve missed you and missed blogging, but it had been suggested by my website designer that I discontinue posting while he worked on combining my blog, Notes from a Movable Marriage, with a fresh website ... read more

Hope and Change

Change(s) first: Early in the new year my blog posts will appear on my new WordPress website, and this site will no longer be active. There’ll be a final post here indicating when that happens. The address for the ... read more

J is for Joy Ride

... read more

M is for My Personal A to Z Challenge

A while ago I discovered Julie Dawn Fox and her blog on Portugal at www.juliedawnfox.com. My husband and I have explored a lot in the year plus we’ve lived in this beautiful country. For instance, here’s a photo ... read more

“I Left My Phone in Old Lisboa”

(Sung to the tune of “I Left My Heart in San Francisco“)  ... read more
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