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November, 2019

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My Three Pet* Peeves in Portugal

Less than a month ago I stood on a stage in Las Vegas and extolled the virtues of living in Portugal. More than 500 people were attending an International Living Retire Overseas Bootcamp Conference, and not a few of them came by my table in the ballroom afterwards to ask if it was all as rosy as I said.

In truth, I had presented some drawbacks in my presentation. I thought I would share with you, just in case you’re curious…

Tricia Pimental

Tricia Pimental


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Making a List…

That's what so many are doing this time of year. Grocery lists for entertaining, lists for gift giving, or if you're a self-improvement type, maybe a head start on a list of New Year's resolutions. Often the most fascinating lists are the "Year End Top Ten (fill in...

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Of Husbands and Husbandry

Keith has reminded me that he wants to keep goats and chickens on the property we bought and recently moved to. I protest. It's not that I don't like goats. In fact, here's a photo of me with some members of the herd of our friends, the Machados. (Key phrase, "of our...

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Great Expectations

This morning in Mafra, Portugal, it's 44 F outside. The toasty Iberian sun will warm up things later, but the effects of La Niña promise to deliver a chilly winter in many places in North America and the North Atlantic. That may set some to thinking about a vacation...

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