Thanks to everyone who responded to my Labor Day newsletter. I’m happy to announce the recipient of the ebook versions of Rabbit Trail: How a Former Playboy Bunny Found Her Way and Slippery Slopes: A Libby Landis Novel is Ann Cosma. Congratulations, Ann! Kindle book gift notifications are being sent to your email address. Enjoy!

Speaking of notifications, today I’ll receive the results of last Friday’s pop quiz. Remember that feeling when a teacher said “put away your books and papers”? There are no grades for the intensive Portuguese language at Coimbra University we’re taking, which was designed to assist incoming students in becoming proficient so they can understand their other classes. I merely want to speak better in daily life. But with the announcement of a test, I felt my heart rate increase along with the room temperature. Some things never change.

Whatever the coming week brings for you, I hope it’s stress-free, filled with learning, and something fun to read. As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said:

“The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, And all the sweet serenity of books.”

Coimbra LibraryCoimbra University Joanine Library. Photo credit: Paulo Mendes