Three flights (one of which departed without us) and two pieces of lost luggage later, we arrived in Lisbon, where Carson had his passport ready for inspection.

We filed a claim for the baggage and drove two hours–halfway to our new home in Cruz–to the university city of Coimbra, and spent the night, arriving at our final destination the following afternoon (as did our suitcases). We made use of the lovely setting to recuperate.

The transition has been fairly smooth; we’ve stayed current on news via both the Internet and television.

While we miss Whole Foods, there are plenty of grocery shopping choices, and we’ve had deliveries of organic produce and farm fresh eggs from the people who own the property on which our stone cottage sits. Local restaurants offer inexpensive meals, and wonderful wines sell for the equivalent of four dollars a bottle. I’ve discovered some other important shopping is available in the nearby city of Braga.

All in all, we’ve been made to feel quite welcome here. As the saying goes, life is good.