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Sept, 2020

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Happy and Healthy New Year!

I haven’t blogged for a while. There are enough voices of the pandemic, as well as those making game attempts at normalcy by discussing capsule wardrobes, makeup errors (“Don’t do this!“), and elephant attacks on safari trams. (I confess to indulging in such escapism.) That said, on to the subject of this post….

Tricia Pimental

Tricia Pimental


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Notes From A Movable Marriage

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Ravishing Riga Part 1

An anticipatory hush fell over the crowd as the deep voice boomed through the sound system. The ceremony was about to start. Seconds later, officials strode past scores of saluting military as music--we guessed it was the national anthem--played. Toddlers sat atop...

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My Three Pet* Peeves in Portugal

Less than a month ago I stood on a stage in Las Vegas and extolled the virtues of living in Portugal. More than 500 people were attending an International Living Retire Overseas Bootcamp Conference, and not a few of them came by my table in the ballroom afterwards to...

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Downton Abbey Fever, Alive and Well

The impact of Downton Abbey on our culture was so strong, it was evidenced at one point by the cleverly reinvented front page of the Sunday edition of The New York Times.  Today, of course, is the long-awaited theatrical release of the movie. Personally, I'm delighted...

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