Just published this review on Amazon. Although it displays as “Kindle Edition” I actually purchased the hardcover version through Amazon.co.uk. I’m thrilled I did, because I found the book a gem I want in my library to reread and refer to for years to come.


Delightfully Clever Concept, Fascinating Tales

If you read (and you wouldn’t be here if you don’t) or are a writer, this book is a must-have. Mr. Mourby has thoughtfully selected 50 authors–from Kipling to Kerouac, Pushkin to Proust, Runyon to Rowling–and escorts his readers on a journey around much of the world to visit where these literary giants lived, loved, and wrote their enduring works.

The book is organized in orderly fashion, geographically, with a chapter of just a few pages (including a photo) for each luminary, making it ideal to consume in bites. But once you get a taste of this book, peppered with Mourby’s wry sense of humor and personal asides, you’ll want to devour this literary feast in one sitting.