The National Museum of Ireland–Archaeology is located on Kildare Street, as was our hotel, making it an easy first stop of the day. There I found artifacts from prehistoric Ireland and Viking times, including tools and works of gold, bog bodies, and a replica of a Viking Ship.

Viking Ship Replica


The rituals surrounding a king’s coronation during the Iron Age involved human sacrifice. The peaty, mossy constitution of bogs acted as a preservative. Several examples are in the museum, and the interactive presentations of how items are handled after discovery was informative.

Bog MRIBog Body










Next up was Trinity College, where The Book of Kells was on display. An illuminated manuscript containing the four Gospels of the New Testament, it is believed to date from 800. No photography of any kind was permitted at the exhibition, but we were able to take pictures upstairs in The Long Hall. Jonathan Swift is featured in the foreground of this section of famous busts.

Jonathan Swift and Friends in The Long Hall

Later we headed to Christ Church which we learned was the site of the debut performance of Handel’s Messiah in 1741.Christ Church (Anglican)

A few blocks away we came across Leo Burdock’s Fish and Chips. Noting its longevity and the list of famous clients, including Sandra Bullock, B.B. King, William Shatner and Helen Mirren,  we had to buy a bag of the famous fries. Fabulous.

Burdock's Fish and Chips



Frampton Eats a Chip

Nearby St. Patrick’s Cathedral offered much, including stained glass windows and the burial site of Jonathan Swift. We know him as the author of Gulliver’s Travels and A Modest Proposal among other works, but he is honored in the cathedral because he was at one time Dean of St. Patrick’s.

Stained Glass

Swift Burial Plaque

Part 2 to follow.