What’s a trip to Ireland without a taste of Irish whiskey? Newcomer to the field, Teeling Whiskey Distillers in Newmarket was the perfect spot to get a first hand look at the brewing process.

Our guide led us through the steps, explaining the how barley is transformed from simple grain into the makings of beer and finally into Irish whiskey. Of particular note for me was that the three large copper pots used in its making were named for the daughters of the distillery’s owner.

Teeling Tour Guide

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Malted Barley

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The Brazen Head on Lower Bridge Street is officially the oldest pub in Ireland, dating back to 1198. In the past it’s played host to revolutionaries as well as literary greats like James Joyce, Brendan Behan and –surprise!–Jonathan Swift. We ate beef and lamb stews and mashed potatoes washed down with Guinness and red wine by a cozy fireplace, and marveled at how fast we were falling in love with the Emerald Isle.

Brazen Head