One of our neighbors, Peter, came to our village (by way of Germany and Ireland) seventeen years ago. It’s given him time to familiarize himself with what grows in the countryside, and when he rings our doorbell he is rarely empty-handed, but brings gifts of fresh figs, walnuts, passionfruit, and grapes.

Local Grapes

And rose hips, to make tea and to add to protein drinks. Who knew how pretty they look in the wild?Rosehips

If we (read “my husband”) want to put some effort into it, “we” can fill a large bowl with sweet blackberries that grace the bushes near the olive trees along the road.

Keith with Blackberries

For a city girl whose produce has traditionally been sprayed, picked, processed, shipped, and displayed on shelves, it’s quite a treat to enjoy this bounty. It reminds me of when God promised the Israelites land filled with milk and honey as well as figs and leeks and olives and dates–that they did not plant. The concept of “that they did not plant” was never as real to me as it is today. There’s so much to be grateful for in life, and a blessing to discover more each day.

Here’s hoping on this first day of a new week–almost a new month–you find something for which to say a special “thank you” to Someone special.