Only one week has passed since New Year’s Eve (doesn’t it seem longer?), a night I hope you enjoyed as much as we did. Just before nine o’clock we decided to not stay home as planned, but instead to head to The Notch, a local establishment featuring live music on the weekend. For New Year’s, they threw in a masquerade party as well. My friend, Pattie Goffus, made a period ensemble for me years ago. Unfortunately, the minute she finished it my husband and I stopped attending Renaissance Faires. So it was great to finally be able to wear it somewhere other than around the house (and greater yet that I still fit into it). Keith protested that he didn’t have a costume, but a tuxedo, cape, and mask did the trick.

We mingled with friends, enjoyed the entertainment, and took home the prize for best costumes: a basket filled with bounty from the Samak Country Store. There was almond, cranberry, and Grand Marnier biscotti; fruit and nut mix; homemade jerky; scrumptious granola and peanut butter “stickies” and more. Home before midnight, we caught up with the action in Times Square and slept in until church the next morning.

Later in the day, I watched the occasional Year in Review show and made some goals for the new year. At the end of the first week (only 51 to go!) I realize I’m doing fairly well in the resolution department. I’ve been sticking to them, and oddly, for the first time, thinking up extras as the days pass. If I mess up (one of mine is to call a semi-shut-in daily), I’m not so hard on myself as I might have been years ago. I can always call twice the next day, send a card or photo by snail mail as an extra point of contact, etc.

What changes do you want to see in your life in 2012? Would you like to develop new habits or get rid of old ones? Change your attitude or change your job? Whatever your dreams and plans, remember that you’ll slip and stumble, but just because that happens, it doesn’t mean you abandon the cause. I used to feel that if I blew it I might as well give up, because my record was no longer going to be, well, perfect.

Perfection. Not going to happen anytime soon for any of us, but there is One who was perfection personified. I wish you a year filled with challenges overcome, and the blessing of He who overcame all.;