We’ve heard it said that opposites attract. It’s a somewhat disputed concept, according to a study reported by Psychology Today earlier this year.


Yet I can vouch for one thing. My husband and I are diametrically opposed in many ways.  One of them is our approach to shopping. He enters a mall and it’s as though he’s been given a mega caffeine-and-adrenaline cocktail. I walk in and instantly feel my life’s blood, oxygen, and will to live sucked out of me faster than you can say, “Buy one, get one free.”  And Black Friday? News videos of crushing crowds in malls always reassure me I made the right decision to stay home.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t made an occasional exception to my rule of avoiding department stores.

Galeries Lafayette 2

Online shopping is different. It’s easy to buy gifts–or something you absolutely have to have for yourself–sitting in the comfort of home, sipping coffee, wearing flannel jammies, with or without bunny slippers. The Wall Street Journal backs me up here.


So on this Cyber Monday, I wish you happy hunting, fat savings, and a great deal of fun.  Get it all done now so you can actually enjoy the season at hand.  After all, that’s the point, right?