No, I’m not running for public office, but would love your vote (link above) in a search sponsored by More Magazine. I was required to write a short essay to enter. Here’s the opening:

“My husband is a shopper. Several times a week a package arrives for him. The variety of deliveries is endless: electronics, artisanal cheeses, Moroccan spices. He justifies these purchases saying that I share in their use, ignoring the fact that I would never buy them myself. Imagine my delight recently when he dumped an armload of boxes on the kitchen table and said, ‘Honey! This one’s for you!’ ‘Me?’ Incredulous, I hurried into the room. It was wrinkle cream.”

You can vote once a day, every day, from today, 4/19 until 5:00 p.m. ET 5/9/12

A few points: To cast your vote, you must sign up. It’s free, you will not be barraged by emails, and you can always unsubscribe, but you won’t want to. (The print version of More is the only magazine to which I subscribe); yes, men can sign up, too.

I’d love to have your support here, and thank you in advance (just like Bartle and James).