Carson in the Driver's Seat

When my first daughter was a baby and I couldn’t get her to sleep, I would put her in her infant seat and go for a drive. It didn’t take long, just a few minutes, really, and she was snoozing. I think this practice is frowned upon these days, but it worked for us.

Movement is naturally soothing to most of us. If it’s fast, like a roller coaster, it’s not comforting but exciting (unless you’re prone to motion sickness, of course).

Giant Dipper Sign

When I was growing up in Brooklyn, I loved when my dad said we were going for a drive on Sunday afternoon. It was all about going for The Ride, an adventure during which we could be sure he’d complain about all the “Sunday drivers”—of which, naturally, he was one. It didn’t matter where we went, although it usually was out of the city and into “the country” which meant Long Island or Jersey. Sometimes we went to the drive-in in Valley Stream, combining the best of several worlds.

I’ve been thinking of the things for which I’m grateful this morning, and simple pleasures head the list. So my wish for you today is that you recall something that made you happy when you were a kid: jumping rope, playing hopscotch, tossing a ball with a friend. If you can do that thing, do it. If not, take that feeling and delight in it.

And a very Happy Thanksgiving to all!