It’s been exactly one week since my younger daughter was married. I love her, love her husband, love his family. My only complaint is that the wedding weekend went by so fast. It was a blur of greeting old friends, meeting new ones, trying to spend quality time with my immediate family, and attempting to not look as bedraggled as I felt. (I intend to offer superstar photographer Yvette Roman as much as necessary for at least one re-touched photo.)

At her final dress fitting early in the week, my daughter presented me–as if she didn’t have enough to do–with two gifts. Of course there were the requisite cookies, but knowing my love of writing, she also gave me a pair of earrings that became an instant favorite. How adorable are these typewriters?

Typewriter Earrings

It was an especially timely gift because it has been exactly two weeks since the close of the Florida Writers Association’s annual conference in Orlando. I spent the days greeting old friends, meeting new ones, and attempting to not look as bedraggled as I felt. (I’d already spent quality family time in Indiana, prior to the conference.)

Back in Portugal for the last few days, I’ve had a  moment to reflect on these last three weeks. It’s time to settle down and get to two or three of the five or six writing projects swirling in my brain and on my computer.

But most of all, I wish my daughter and her husband health and happiness, love and laughter in all the years to come. L’Chaim!