Vendors in their stalls sell pork, salted cod, jam, and pastries arrayed on wooden tables draped with colorful cloths. They pour wine from fat jugs wrapped in white wicker as impromptu karaoke stars grab the microphone, and the pungent aroma of smoke arises from a chestnut cart in the square. This past weekend, the town of Famalicão hosted its annual agricultural fair. We were astonished at the size of the cattle, seemingly all the larger in contrast to other animals. We won’t soon forget the day, because for all its apparent simplicity, there was a tapestry of culture woven around and through the event. It was impossible to miss. A sense of underlying purpose–the shared meals and lives and history–was palpable. What made it all the more moving was the warmhearted and welcoming spirit of the people toward “foreigners”. Sitting at a picnic bench for lunch, we became one of them. It was a marvelous way to enter into autumn, and into this country of many riches.