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Rabbit Trail: How a Former Playboy Bunny Found Her Way

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It’s the 1950’s, and Irish Catholic Tricia Williams is surviving childhood in Brooklyn, New York, watching Leave It to Beaver and hanging out at Gino’s Pizzeria. Though the family scene is short on security, she’s got friends and faith. Twenty years later, the surging sexual revolution is in full swing, and her obsession is “breaking away.” She’s abandoned the Church, and now in a hurry to leave home, makes a daring move to Los Angeles. It’s a strange city, and Tricia soon realizes it might not be the start of something big, but bad. It’s not the obsessive apartment-hopping or even her unique job-a-month plan that’s the problem. What she’s really looking for are spiritual roots, and she’s about to get entwined in a weird web of Buddhism, Mormonism, Hinduism, and New Age practices that will keep her wandering a Rabbit Trail for decades, until one charismatic man unlocks the secret for her.



Slippery Slopes

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New Yorker Libby Landis, 29, has worked for a man for ten years who is hazardous to her health. When she finally quits her job and heads to Park City, Utah to spend the holidays with her brother and sister-in-law, Libby’s hope is to reclaim a sense of self. When she takes a temporary job at Deer Valley Resort in the lift ticket office, it enables her both to keep her checkbook afloat and train for recreational racing, with the added benefit of a little eye candy in the person of her supervisor and a former ski instructor, Craig Halverson. Things are going well for Libby until she is injured in a skiing accident, and fears begin to surface in the form of mysterious dreams. What present stimulus now evokes a secret buried long ago? Slippery Slopes is the story of a young woman whose life dramatically changes as she finally unearths the event that has shaped her life, and triumphs over the past.