Our apartment while we’re here in Copenhagen (or København, as it’s spelled in Danish) is a four story walk-up in the Nørrebro district, northwest of city center. It was built in the late 1890’s, evidence of which can be seen by exiting out of the kitchen to the back staircase leading to the basement. The lowest steps near ground level are deeply scooped out from over a century of foot pressure. Of course there’s a front entrance, leading into the three room, one bath apartment, a nice sized-kitchen and dining nook. Every room is filled with light due to many tall windows and the lack of curtains. It seems a lot of people here don’t do drapes or blinds, because this is our view from the bedroom. Remember Hitchcock’s classic, Rear Window? I’ll leave it at that.

Rear Window

 One negative is the bed, a trampoline in disguise, and its single, oddly-shaped pillow. Did you read, or see the film, Memoirs of a Geisha? There’s a scene when Sayuri/Chiyo is trying to sleep and has to keep her neck propped on a little stand so a rice grain won’t fall out of her up-do. I had to see my chiropractor after that. Now I really relate.
But the true scene here is the street. I thought I’d never see as many bicycles on the road as I did in the Netherlands, but here they are. As a matter of fact, just yesterday a news source called The Local stated that Copenhagen has won back its title after two years from Amsterdam as the best cycling city in the world. Lined up neatly, lying down in disarray, bikes are sometimes locked, often unsecured. Parents with babies propel them on bike-pushcarts. It’s literally the first place I’ve been with Carson in his stroller where no one does a double-take. Wheels are expected for everyone, pets included.
Copenhagen Mass Transit Disorganized
 Carson in Copenhagen Park
Something else that grabbed my attention is the amount of street art and graffiti. It is everywhere in our neighborhood, and when we ventured into the vicinity of Tivoli Gardens, there it was as well. It’s come a long way since the 70’s.
Copenhagen Street Art
 Copenhagen Street Artist