Forget the jeweled crowns (okay, maybe not) of Rosenborg Castle; at Frederiksborg, when I spied this collection at the entrance to a huge gallery, I knew I’d found a true treasure chest.


I noted a few things of interest about the clothing on display. One was a love of color, with red figuring prominently.



There were floral numbers (how’s that rain slicker for chasing away gray skies?) and some dresses in more muted and, um, interesting colors and shapes.








A couple looked like they came straight from Princess Di’s fabled closets.






Clothing for the young included both fun and exquisite pieces. I loved the photos showing outfits in use.



And the wedding dress, fit for a queen! Oh, it was. (Fit for a queen.) It was worn, as were the other gowns and dresses, by Queen Margrethe, Denmark’s reigning sovereign. The exhibit was created in connection with her 75th birthday celebration in April, and on display until the end of August.