Last week I received a request from an International Living editor to write a blurb about a unique place I’ve spent the night. In the email she included a link about a trulla, a country dwelling characterized by a cone-shaped top. I just so happened to have stayed in one recently outside of Ostuni, Italy.

But the IL Italy Correspondent beat me to it, so I asked if a unique place on wheels qualified. It did. I wrote about The Red Arrow.

Three years ago this month Keith and I took a trip eastward, not to Spain, but to Russia and the Baltic States. Part of that journey entailed taking the train from Moscow to St. Petersburg (cue Kenny Ball’s “Midnight in Moscow” for the music buffs). In service since 1931, during the Soviet era Russia’s legendary sleeper train shuttled Communist Party elite between the two cities (St. Petersburg then being Leningrad).

When we arrived in our cabin, the steward asked if we would like anything. Keith suggested a nightcap and we decided vodka was in the spirit of things, pun intended. He ordered two drinks. Moments later the steward returned with an entire bottle of vodka. We insisted we only wanted a little, for a toast, but he could not comprehend such minimalism. We settled on mineral water, but had a laugh over his expansive approach.

Fast forward to a few months ago, when Keith and I had a major change in our personal circumstances. Now it’s our turn to think big. Our house is on the market and we plan to pursue a very old dream. Long ago Keith had the idea to provide a Christian retreat, where writers, pastors, and others could come to refresh and rejuvenate on every level. Depending on what happens next, we may very well have the opportunity to make that dream a reality.

In the meantime, I’m headed to Las Vegas in a few weeks to speak once again at an International Living conference, and then on to see family in California and New Mexico. Stay tuned, because life is never dull in this Movable Marriage.